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Around the World in 5

By Hillary Essien | Feb 4, 2024

Around the World in 5 is an ongoing series that highlights news related to women in five countries, updated every week. This week's post covers January 28 to February 3.



Richard Saviour has received a life sentence from the Ikeja High Court for sexually assaulting his wife's 14-year-old niece, resulting in HIV infection. The prosecution presented three credible witnesses, corroborating the victim's testimony. Justice Oyindamola Ogala emphasized the victim's suffering, citing mental and physical torture. 

The defendant denied the charges, but the court found his defense inadequate. The victim's HIV diagnosis led to her placement in a shelter by a non-governmental organization.

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The Delhi High Court denied permission for a 20-year-old woman to terminate her 28-week pregnancy, citing the "completely viable" status of the foetus. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act allows abortion up to 24 weeks or later in case of serious foetal abnormalities with medical board approval.

The court emphasized the absence of abnormalities and rejected the plea, stating, "Foeticide cannot be permitted" for a viable 28-week foetus. The woman claimed a mutually agreeable relationship with her partner and discovered the pregnancy at 27 weeks on January 25th.

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United States of America 

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has introduced "Women Forward NYC," a program designed to invest over $43 million in supporting women, including transgender and gender-fluid individuals.

The initiative aims to tackle gender disparities in professional development, healthcare, gender-based violence, and housing. Mayor Adams emphasized the city's commitment to addressing inequities faced by women, stating, "New York City leads the nation in many ways — now, it’s time we lead on gender equity." Despite progress, women in New York still earn 86 cents for every dollar men make, with greater disparities for women of color.

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Evangelia Platanioti achieved a historic milestone for Greece by securing the nation's first-ever gold medal in artistic swimming's women's solo technical event at the 2024 World Championships.

With Japan's Yukiko Inui retiring, the event guaranteed a new champion, and Platanioti seized the opportunity, clinching the top spot with a score of 272.9633. This victory came after narrowly missing a medal with a 4th-place finish in Fukuoka the previous year.

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Sri Lanka 

Rural areas of South Asia and Southeast Asia, where women primarily work in agriculture, are disproportionately affected by climate shocks. Women, particularly those aged 15-24, play a crucial role in agrifood systems, with 71% engaged in the sector in South Asia compared to 47% of men.

In Sri Lanka, elderly women rely on agrifood when other income sources are unavailable. Despite their significant contributions, women face challenging working conditions, limited economic opportunities, and gender inequalities. Issues include land ownership, access to financial resources, and unequal distribution of domestic care responsibilities, both skilled and unskilled.

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